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Why restraining the “High+” and “Pro” levels to the sole members/Premium teams ?

Basically to prevent members from abusing by publishing adds that don’t correspond to their effective level. By making these levels only available for players and Premium teams, we guarantee our members a first filter to offer you a maxium of serious offers and requests.

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Which premium account should I take ?

When you buy a player premium account, it implies that you want to be recruited inside a team. It means that the premium opens premium feature only TO teams. For example, you won't be able to pull up your team on the first page with the player premium account because that's a team to team action.

A team/multigaing premium account is required when you want to recruit players. It allows you to use premium feature to players only. For example you can't make a premium search for team with that account.

Exception: when you order a team/multigaming account, a premium player account is offered to the one paying for this order.