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Zodiac Gaming is a gaming organization! The organization is Esports, Entertainment, and Casual. We are looking to fill our casual division (Cassiopeia). ZG is currently looking for hardworking, dedicated, driven individuals who have the hunger to be apart of something bigger then them and do better.
Requirements to join are:
🚨 Must be 16 or older
🚨 Must have a working mic
🚨 Must be NON Toxic
🚨 Must be active both in game and on discord
🚨 Must not be on another esports team, gaming clan, etc

Our Organization is also currently looking for staff We ask that our staff is just as hungry, dedicated, hardworking, and driven as our competitors. The staff roles that are available are those that follow:
✨ Streamers
✨ Discord Mods
✨ Talent Scouts
✨ HR Officers
✨ Press Committee (Social Media)
✨ Content Creators
✨ Editors
✨ Event Hosts
✨ Marketing Staff
✨ Revenue Analyst
✨ Admin Team

Our Organization is also currently looking for:
🌀 Team Leaders
🌀 Co Team Leaders

Our Organization is looking to fill some leadership positions. We are looking for people with great leadership skills, integrity, punctuality, hardworking dedicated and driven to handle the responsibilities of the positions available as well as helping to build the ZG brand to be the best it can be. The following leadership positions are those that are available:
💥 Chief Financial Officer
💥 Marketing Manager
💥 Moderation Director
💥 Event Director

The Casual Side of our Organization focuses on: Apex Legends, Battlefield 2042, and COD: Vanguard. We are multiplatform.
Thank you for your consideration as always!
Happy Gaming!


  • Working Mic
  • Active discord account
  • 16 or older
  • MUST be active in game and on the discord


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