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I'm looking for guys who take the game seriously, but like to have fun in the process of getting better. Practices are to be expected, but I'm willing to work with scheduling conflicts in any case considering I live a hectic life right now with all my activities. I want guys that will form a team with good comradery, giving constructive advice or even laughing along with the ebbs and flow of a match.

Yeah I want to win games, but I want to laugh in the process because after all, it's a game (and in many cases a release from a stressful life).

So if you're interested on being with a group of friends that has fun and builds each other up every game, and enjoys getting better with new strategies and concepts- then you'd make a perfect addition for my ideal team.

(Communication for this is obviously key- so if you don't talk much on the mic, or don't have a mic at all I would kindly suggest that this probably isn't the best destination for you)


Practice, get better as a unit, and have fun with good team chemistry.