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The Rocketters platoon is for casual platoon members from PC, Ps4/5, and all Xboxes. We are looking for the following staff roles for this platoon!

@Content Creator - In charge of the clan YouTube, TikTok, creating Banners, pfp, etc

@Streamers - In charge of streaming and bringing awareness to the clan via streaming gamenights, playing with clan members on stream, talking about the clan on stream.

@Recruiter - In charge of recruiting for all platoons and platforms the clan is on. Once the @Senators approve of a new platoon the recruitment team will need to make sure the platoon is active and running efficiently and platoon staff is filled.

@HR Rep - Handles ALL Potential Recruits Orientations, handles all complaints, etc

@Social Media Officer - In charge of keeping the clan FB, Twitter, and Instagram up and active by posting and replying to posts.

@Activity Team - In charge of all clan wide events, daily questions, jokes, memes, etc

@Moderators - In charge of making sure all clan rules and Discord TOS is being followed, making sure everyone has the correct roles, etc

@Greeting Team - In charge of greeting and directing all new recruits that come into the recruitment server/ main server.


  • Working Mic
  • Active discord account
  • 16 or older
  • MUST be active in game and on the discord


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This team is no longer recruiting new players. You can either wait until their next recruitment campaign, or become premium to apply in their waiting list. This way, they'll be notified that you're interesting in joining them.

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