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Official Esports community and clan for Quick Advertising! Proudly sponsored by GameStop, RedDragon, Rogue Energy

Welcome to QGC, a gaming community for the casual and competitive gamers alike. Here you will join a community of like minded people and compete alongside or against them.

We offer a chill gaming experience with easy to use vcs and areas to find other gamers alike. We also will host community events along side with other community events. We also host content creators and streamers alike, and play host to a Minecraft SMP. If you dont follow the games we have, you can always find at least one person who likes what you like here.

Want to compete? QGC has Official gaming teams for games like Fortnite, Valorant, Overwatch, and others too. On these teams, you and your squad will compete in events, tournaments, and other cool things.


  • Must join our discord and fill out our form to be placed in a team.


  • Gamestop
  • Rouge Energy
  • Humble Bundle
  • RedDragon

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