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A desire to compete and grow is one of the essential core values behind Ungentlemen esports. We ask our team leaders to consistently schedule out practices, scrims, and vod reviews to help develop their teammates. After taking the time to put in focus and dedicated practice, it is time to compete! This is where you get to show off the skills that you refined in practice and make a name for your squad. We at the Ungentlemen believe the spirit of competition and sportsmanship is one of the most amazing things about gaming and esports, and ask our team leaders to schedule out tournaments and leagues for their teams to compete in.

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The Ungentlemen is an esports organization created by Nathan "Scooty" Grey in March of 2017 starting with a team in Overwatch. A year from now, that teams still exists and competes in numerous tournaments and leagues ranging from Overwatch Open Division, UGC, Epic Lan 1.0, and others where our team has found great success. Driven by our love for gaming and our desire to build our community of gamers which is over 100+ people strong, we want to expand our organization into other games such as Rainbow Six Siege, League of Legends and many more. As with any startup, our organization is still growing, but is striving to find up-incoming talent that is ready to grow along with the org.

Positions We Are Looking For!

Players - The most important part of any team is its players. Players are expected to arrive at practices on time and work to grow their skills.

Team Leaders - Possess a critical role in scheduling out scrims, practices, leagues and tournaments for their teammates and makes sure they are prepared to compete. Part of this preparation is also finding proper coaching and support for the team. They are also expected to keep in touch with the organization owner about the progress of their team. It is expected that a manager is well versed in the game that they are overlooking so that they are up-to-date on tournaments and leagues as well as prepared to make roster decisions.

Coaches - Coaching is critical to helping players grow. Coaches are expected to be on time to are expected to be knowledgeable in their games and
able to assist the team in practices and vod reviews. They should as keep in close communication with Team Leaders about their team.

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