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  • 2 TIME Tolva Apex Legends Championship Win w/ Prize
  • Fortnite World Qualifier
  • Fortnite Tournament with Cash prize
  • Gamebattles COD Win with Cash Prize
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We are Team Eleven Gaming (T11 Esports). Established 06/05/2019
We are sponsored by Streamlabs OBS, MAW Energy, GG Bracelets, and Fatal Grips. We are not Faze or Liquid but one day we will be as well-known as those names. This is our goal; to become a well-known team of players who started from nothing. We are always looking for Content Creators to add to our team who stream regularly and can send in weekly clips/videos to feature on our social medias. We currently have teams in the following categories & are always looking for ways to expand.

We currently have 3 Apex Legends teams based in the USA & 1 Apex Legends team based in the UK. We have 2 Fortnite teams (NAE-NAW-- Canadians welcome) as well as competitive solo players from Asia & EU. We also have teams for Smite, CS:GO, Valorant, & Call of Duty, all based in the USA.

Meet the Management Team
Yojo: Owner, Founder
Stinky51309: Director
Drunkunmonkey42: Team Manager
xPeak II: Community & Content Manager, Founder
TheKweenKyra: Community & Content Assistant Manager

What we can offer you:
* Free Editing for montages
* Free Coaching (1 on 1 or by group)
* Discounts on all team merchandise and sponsor’s products
* Team Website and Team Social media
* Tournament Opportunities
*LAN & Camps (coming soon)

Thank you for your interest & hopefully you can call Team Eleven your home!

  • Streamlabs OBS
  • MAW Energy
  • GG Bracelets
  • Fatal Grips
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