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Our goals include seeing our highest level teams in the professional scene for each game. We seek to get to a point where we can pay our staff for their hard work and contract players. We strive to acquire sponsors and secure our presence on social media. We provide a positive, friendly Discord environment for all players and community supporters.

Experiences online
  • BINX Shield | LHG AL Runner Up (Summer 2020)
  • BINX Guardians | Multi Clash Winners & Undeafeated in LHG PL (Fall 2020)
  • BINX Warriors | Multi Clash Winners
Experiences offline
  • Pas encore d'experiences

BINX Gaming is a premier esports organization providing amateur and professional opportunities for gamers across 6 games.

BINX Gaming was named after the president's cat, who passed away from heart failure on March 2, 2020 just a month before his 5th birthday. At 3 1/2 Binx was diagnosed with blood clots and for two years took medicine, visit the vet periodically and persevered up until heart failure caught up with him. Our players represent Binx's resilience, strength, and positivity in and out of game. Our president, KeriannKitty raised Binx since he was just 4 weeks old and he has always been by her side since she was was introduced to League of Legends first and watched her get better and get to where she is today. She felt it only right to create a gaming community based around Binx that competed in amateur leagues and tournaments, but it quickly turned into something bigger with 5+ teams for League of Legends and expansion into Valorant, Overwatch, Rocket League, Hearthstone & World of Warcraft. She wants BINX to become a household name in esports and for everyone to know how extraordinary Binx was and why our players represent him.

We focus on providing education and support for our staff and players. We want to see players who have potential, succeed and progress. We want to train coaches with no experience but are eager to move up in the industry. We want to see our teams doing their best and acquiring those achievements together. And even when we don't win, we want to see everyone sticking together and lifting one another up. To apply for staff or as a player, please visit our website.

| Current Openings |
FPS Manager
Overwatch Players
Overwatch Coach
Rocket League Players
Rocket League Manager
Valorant Coach
World of Warcraft Officers

| Our Teams |
League of Legends (Gold+)
Valorant (Immortal+)
Overwatch (4.5k SR)
Rocket League (Champion+)
World of Warcraft (Alliance - Stormrage & Horde - Thrall)

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