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An ambition to be part of more than just a community. If you are accepted, you will have the chance to progress and rank up in the clan! You will receive a NEW customized discord logo each time you rank up within the clan. In our FIFTEEN page document, it details everything you need to know about Ready Roulette like "how to enter the MLG team" or "the lore behind Ready Roulette" and "How to rank-up within Ready Roulette." We care about this clan and the members part of it... We don't just say it to say it. We care about all of our members. Our members have that passion to be involved with some of the most loyal and well-respected members that consist of the Ready Roulette team. We have the most qualified people in our group regardless of what background, religion, or political belief. We create a welcoming community for all players. Whether you want to play casual public matches or play at the extreme high-end competitive level - we have it all. Not everyone can say that. We have our own branded competitive team with more teams to come under the entity of Ready Roulette. Lock & load, your adventure is about to begin!

Experiences online

  • Prior FPS experience

Experiences offline

  • Pas encore d'experiences


"We're ready, even if you're not." - Ready Roulette

Why you Should Join
Ready Roulette has the most active, most veteran FPS players in video game history. Don't believe me? For more than a decade many of our current members have been playing Call of Duty since 2004. We have shown extreme high-end competitive skill in various CoD games and Modern Warefare 2019 is no different. Founded by two life-long IRL friends, we set out to create a community like to other - grounded on welcoming everyone no matter background or political view. We boast ourselves on having the most active, most loyal player base of any community. We even have our own progression system within the clan - a definitive way to keep engagement of new recruits. We set specific weekly events for both our casual and competitive player base with cash incentives.

Do I Have to Play Call of Duty all the Time?
No. In fact, we offer opportunities to be part of our larger community to be engaged with other games with cash incentives. These events are great ways for players to get to know one another outside of Call of Duty. Game types include survival, horror, strategy, and MMO.

Like I briefly mentioned above, if you are accepted into our clan, you will be welcomed with a fully customized discord logo. "In the rear with the gear," you will first be welcomed as a reserve member and have the FULL ABILITY to climb the ranks, potentially obtain even leadership roles within the clan. This is a big part of our clan as it creates structure and authenticity.

Competitive MLG Team
Like I mentioned above, we have many talented players. We have our very own competitive team who practices on a weekly basis ensuring we are at the peak of competitive gaming. If you think you have what it takes to be part of our competitive team, you have the ability to join, but you will have to prove yourself.

Active Community & Long Life Expectancy
This community is grounded with a strong foundation - Lifelong IRL friends. This community has been structured in such a way that it will last for many years to come. For the past seven months, Ready Roulette has improved upon its foundation and has set plans to avoid this community from ever toppling.

Loyal and Committed Playerbase
For every member that is interested in joining, we perform a thorough interview process that seeks to understand the applicant through a series of questions. Those that are accepted are those that seek commitment to an organization.

How do I Enter?
Two ways: one way to enter is to send me a DM on discord @ Kilimanjaro(#)6443 (do not include #). The other is to DM me on this platform. When you message me, I will answer any questions you have and send you an application link. Once your application is submitted and passes our first line of approval, you will be greeted via discord message by the recruiter. Upon setting up an interview time, you will be then be interviewed and once again scanned to see if you would make a good cultural fit for us. Those who have been accepted into our organization passed our application and interview process - not an easy task (more than 60% of applicants do not get accepted). We hold our requirements for entry at a high level and do not tolerate any disrespect from any member.

Lock & load - your adventure is about to begin!


  • Must be 18 yr +
  • Must have a mic
  • Must be on PC platform
  • Must have discord and ability to fully interact with it


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