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- Enjoyment of those involved. Let's face it, it's the reason you signed up in the first place, with out enjoyment we won't get far. So we strive to ensure our teams are enjoying themselves while we take over the eSports scene.

-Striving to Win. I mean who wouldn't? We strive to not only place in any competition but win.

- Love. Loving each other and our teams from the top at our managers, to captains, and to members, we need to be able to love and trust our members. Love is the most powerful word in the human language. Instead of using fear and anger tactics we use love. Love creates a culture where people strive to be their best simply because they enjoy their work and going to practice. People don't want to let down their family and that's what we are here is family.

- Focus on what we can control. In competition and in life it's extremely important to remember that there are things that are out of our control. We can't control the skill level of our competition. Worrying about things we have no influence over is a waste of our time and energy. So we focus on what we can control: our attitude and our effort.

-Discipline. Discipline isn't a form of punishment but to help individuals achieve their goals. Your Team Managers and Captains understand that you can't become bigger without practice which in turn effects who you will become tomorrow. Aka "Discipline is the fuel of achievement."

- Teamwork. In eSports everyone has a role to play. Everyone has a commitment and responsibility to the team. Some individuals might glow under the light more but regardless of skill, all teams win and lose together.

- Motivation. Competition requires an unimaginable amount of time and commitment. It taxes both the mind and body no matter how much someone loves it. We need our team member to have motivation to grind the practices day in and day out.

- How to handle pressure. The head coach of Pittsburgh Chuck Noll said it best "pressure is something you feel only when you don't know what you're doing." Most people create unnecessary stress on themselves due to the lack of discipline and preparation. By practicing daily it creates the discipline we instill in our members. By approaching every day with enthusiasm the company, managers, and team members can go into a competition easily knowing that they are ready.

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We're an eSports team that is dedicated to not only sharing our love and passion towards gaming, but we're also dedicated to competing at the highest level in tournaments around the world while we advocate for equality for women among competitive gaming. We know that women are often over looked when it comes to competitive eSports and we're here to tear down the standardized walls.

We're planning to bring the competition to their knees with not only our dedicated women and men's teams but also with our co-ed teams. We're here to show them it's not about gender it's about talent. Talent has no boundaries and we're here to show that! We WANT YOU! It doesn't matter if your male, female, LGBTQ, or non-binary. We don't care it's all about them stats.

We're currently searching for team managers, team captains, and team members, so hit us up with them stats and let's take this team to the next level!

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