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awesome & fast search engine

Are you looking for a team ? a player ? a multigaming ? In which country ? which level ? which role ?

We got more than 20 filters, all of them are designer to fit your needs. Some of them are really advanced for some game such as League of Legends, Counter Strike: Global Offensive...

built in private messages

In order to avoid your email or in-game messaging being spammed, we provide an easy way to contact gamers. You can see from the messages you receive the matching gaming resume of the player who contacted you.
If the player suits your needs, you can invite him to join your team in one click.

More than 500,000 messages has been sent through recruitment process on our platform.


A place where recruitment offers & demands meet

In order to provide the best experience, recruitment offers and demands have a limited lifetime. This way we can offer you real & active players or teams.

Don't worry, you can extend, or re-enable your offer/demand on your account for free.

Reputation review

Sometimes, self evaluating your level can be difficult. It vary from games to games. We provide generic levels: low -/+, middle -/+, high -/+, pro.

We enable any registered user to review your team or resume to let them say if they do agree with your level based on the information you provided online.

The reputation system will help you not loosing your time by joining a team (or recruiting a plyer) that is not as skilled as you thought.


increase your visibility

Seek Team allow you to increase your online visibility. You team/cv/multigaming stays accessible even if you're not available. Some famous multigamings received over 30 millions page views.

built by a gamer, for all gamers

On seek-team, we welcome every kind of players, from casual, to professional ones. From low to pro ! All players can find a perfect matching team for them.

paper board

Dedicated for recruitments

Using forums to recruit or get recruited is not a good solution: they are either over crowded, or not visited.
In both cases, your post is not seen. Plus, you can't filter or search for specific matches (country, level, availability...)

Seek Team is the perfect tool for e-sport online recruitment.


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Seek Team provides its service for FREE (basic features).
If you want a lot more visibility & extra cool features we suggest you to get a PREMIUM account.