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We aim to be a well-established name in the Esports Community with Esports eventually becoming our main jobs.

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Hello there, We at Kracked Esports pride ourselves on being among the best of the best in the gaming community while maintaining a fun yet professional environment. We compete in many tournaments and leagues sometimes multiple a week, if there is a tournament we are usually registered to compete in it. Our most recent leagues and tournaments include CGL Kings kill race, AGL Qualifiers #1-#5, Mollywood Kill race #1, CGL New Dawn League, DOL Scrims, Halo Rec League, and more. We only recruit ages 18+. We have a short player application on our website that must be filled out in its entirety before Tryouts can/will be held. Should you pass tryouts you will then be offered the choice to contract with the Org or to decline and forfeit the opportunity to play for KrackedEsports.
Kracked Esports is a Semi-Professional Esports organization. Improving together and competing overall comes before monetary gain, that is to say, our players are not in it exclusively for the money that comes with winning tournaments. We play and compete first and foremost for fun, we do this because we enjoy it, and if we can make a day job out of it great, if not then nothing ventured nothing gained. An overly competitive and stressful environment does not lead to improvement, in fact, it does exactly the opposite in addition to sucking the fun and enjoyment out of it leading to a reduced will to practice. If any of this sounds like an org you would like to be a part of please submit an application on our website and one of our recruiters will be in touch.

  • JerkyPro
  • PlayerOneCoffee
  • RogueEnergy
  • Vertigear
  • Xidax PCs
  • Nerd Or Die
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