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Our main goal is to become a household name in the E-Sports community, and make our players notoriously known as well. We also want to encourage gamers of all ages to follow their dreams and we want to help them along their journey.

online experience
  • Streaming
  • Competing
offline experience
  • Video Editing
  • Photo Editing
  • Graphic Design
  • Marketing and Promotion

Dispel E-Sports was officially conceived Ferbruary of 2021 but we have been working together for years.
The 3 owners of our company/team are tight knit and working hard everyday to ensure the longevity of our platform and our community. All with the goal of becoming the next big thing in E-Sports.

We are a fresh, new and exciting E-Sports company looking to build up our community and of course, dominate the competition.
We are a legal operating business with the intention of building your brand while in turn, contributing to the growth of ours.
The perks? Because we are so new we are very progressive and applying new marketing tactics in all aspects of our operation to further our growth on social media platforms. More traffic to us means more traffic to you and your socials. It's a win-win.
Also, any winnings you receive from tourneys and or championships, you keep 100% of. We will also pay your way to these tournaments and championships.
Another perk? As of now we have no contracts. No signing your life away for false promises. We are upfront and honest with you from the jump.

We will be competing in the following,
Rainbow Six Siege
Rocket League
League of Legends

We are just wanting the recognition and notoriety as of right now. Have you ever wanted to take your gaming career to new heights? Take the leap, give us a chance and lets see just what we can accomplish together.

  • Rogue Energy, affiliate
  • AKRacing, afilliate
  • KillerJerky Co, afilliate
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Rocket League
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