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- Become one of the best teams in eSports history
- 30+ Time Champions
- 3M - 5M on YouTube
- 1M on Twitter, Twitch, and Instagram
- Make an impact on the youth and gamer's wishing to become full time and inspire them to go beyond their limits.
- Establish a connection between staff, players, and content creators.

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I know your confused so let us just cut to the chase: Exoi Clan is an up and coming eSports organization wishing to form respect, winnings, and relationships throughout said organization.

Exoi Clan started when kids decided to put their friend groups together to make a gaming group where we would talk and chill and learn more about each other's mindsets, skills, and personalities. Then the gears truly turned in Arthur "LI0N" Turner's head when he said, "Hey, we like like FaZe right? So why don't we build our own team?" And boom, Exoi Clan was born.

Exoi Clan in the mind of our team members is not just an team or organization that wants to be big and strong. Exoi Clan is supposed to be not just an ordinary friend group or family. It's a tribe. We pick each other up when we're down. We hunt together as Exoi, we pray together as Exoi, we live together as Exoi. We wish to dominate the battlefield in the near future and steal the title of the best gaming org to exist. Whilst being us and making a bond between our organization, and our soon-to-possibly-be our f%$king awesome community. We want to prove that gaming is not just gaming. It's a competitive sport that requires the same energy, skill, reflexes, and mindset as any other regular sport.

But we need you. That's right.

As of October 5th, 2021, we are preparing for our grand release on November 25, 2021. And we need as many people as possible to join. Here's what we need as of right now:
- We currently have our eyes set on Fortnite and COD, So we need Fortnite and COD players mostly decent at the game, as of now we are just starting off so you do not need to have any achievements (as in tournaments), we just need players at are decent at the game, so we can learn and grow from each other. Having 2 teams at the start is rough but we'd prefer more than nothing. That's where our next thing is.
- We need good roster managers for Fortnite and COD.
- We also need legitimate coaches for said games. So far, we are slightly better than average at games. Our goal is to become better while having fun so we need some fun sprinkled in with some seriousness.
- We need social media managers for Twitter and Instagram.
- We need good content creators.
- And we need GFX artists.

So far Exoi is not what you think of as an ideal skilled team. However every team starts as a seed. Then it grows into a magnificent tree. We don't need the best of the best. We need the slightly skilled players that we can grow with and relate to.

Hopefully you can consider joining our team. Stay safe, stay well. and #BeLikeExoi

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