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What do we want to get out of playing as a team?
We want to develop our eSport environment to a semi-professional level, even if we only are armatures at the current time. This will push our team & the individual player to their max, and develop the skill set of being a well organised & composed team.

Any specific goals we want to achieve?
To play as a unit, where the team goes before any individual glory.
We want to have a entertaining, well organised and challenging eSport environment, where we work together towards a ever moving target. We want our goals to be dynamic, and move alongside the development of our group.

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We are a group of enthusiastic and forward thinking people who represents SPQR Gaming in the eSport scene.
All of us have a great hunger to learn, and a even bigger desire to develop our skill set, both as individuals, but also as a team. Gleb S. aka shutyyy is our eSport coordinator, and provides all the practical needs & support for our eSport division.
Everyone are welcome to join, we have a 1 month trial period.

What are we looking for in other team members?
All of our members are very enthusiastic and dedicated, and thats the key here!
We are looking for more members who wants to develop, who wants to be in a serious eSport environment where you get pushed to your limits and beyond!
To wear the clan tag & colors with pride, and contributing to our eSport environment in our Discord, is another essential demand.

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