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Our ambitions as a crew is to not only build but grow an amazing community that has a very high drive and are very competitive even while playing pubs.

We've started building a competitive team for CDL on all Call of duty based games. Main at the moment is CoD Vanguard.

We are current building a youtube where all members can participate and be in oncoming projects like Clan Montages, Solo Montages placed on sA's dedicated youtube page.

online experience
  • 18+ years of age
  • Communication
  • Vibing
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  • Destress
  • Relaxed
  • Entertainment

Hello Everyone and Welcome! Seen us around and wish to know more about us? Well, you've come to the right place.

sA was formed on Jan 17, 2021 by just a couple of buddies. Now? We have become one of the sweatiest clans known to date with not only growth but highly skilled players as well.

We originally started out as CSC - Casual Sweat Crew and then we decided to change our name to something more fitting...

sA - Sweat Addicts.

While we are primarily a PC clan, We are always open to inviting console players to join us as well. Even a few of our founding fathers are console players so you're always more then welcome to join.

Although we started out on the Call of Duty series games where we are mainly known on, sA plays many other competitive games and we are currently recruiting for players to join.

Do you think you have what it takes to become one of us?!
You think you're a SweatAddict at heart?

List of games we play.
- Call of duty (All games in the series)(Looking for GB/CDL/PUBS Players)
- Battlefield 2042
- Rocket League
- Etc.

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