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Who are we?

We are a gaming community that will ALWAYS value the concept of being a family and we have worked hard to make sure that we have a place for everyone. We are working on becoming established, but we are active. Our goal has been to become a hub for all types of players.


It`s all about the games and having a place to game and play with like minded people. Don't you agree? We mainly play Call of Duty and Battlefield, but we do play other games. We offer Companies (for the military aspect) on all major platforms : Xbox , Playstation , PC. Most of us are PC, but with cross-platform becoming a more usual thing it really doesn't matter what platform you're on.

What we are looking:

* Staff
* Company/Squad Leaders


* A mic ( we love communication in this community )
* The enthusiasm to be part of something bigger than just gaming itself.
* The love of gaming.
* Be over 18 years of age.

About us:

We provide a positive environment with a squad system and ranking structure (modeled after the military) that allows players to connect and progress their rank within the community.
We believe that Discord should be a tool to bring people together.
When you join our Discord you not only get access to our dedicated community, but you also get the experience of being in a real community.
Bottom line , we will encourage you to grow and improve! We don`t just recruit people as grinders or employees, we recruit them as friends and as a potential person to be as a member of our great community for months, even years to come !
To join Elite Soldiers you don`t have to be a pro, as even if you are medium or just started the game, we will help you grow.

Toxicity is left at the door when you click the discord invite. This is a place that welcomes not only socializing about your favorite games or games you want to learn, but also about your daily life. We are more than just a community looking for numbers. We are a family with an open door.
We are here to help each other to be better. There is always a comfortable environment in our community.

We are a social interactive gaming community that has a lot to offer its members.
We are looking for people who`re willing to help us push to the next stage whether that`s being a staff member or just a member.

You`re 100% valued in the server no matter what position you hold. At the end of the day we truly believe that you are what makes Elite Soldiers. With that being said, you will enjoy a powerful gaming environment with tons of events planned to come, and game nights!

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