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Hey everyone!

Do you want to be part of an active community which already has thousands of members with events, servers, a teamspeak and team tournaments?

Want to be a part of a clan that has active giveaways and weekly events?!

Worried about your rank being too high or too low? Don't be! We have members of every rank group and trainers to assist you with your own personal goals!

Where is this place you ask?


Konvict Gaming is a large Community with 3500 active players across our games that we support. But we currently have active CSGO teams within KG who compete and scrim daily! We host monthly tournaments (with prizes!), do 10 man pugs with KG only members multiple times a day and provide our community with a solid set of fun and PUG servers to play on. We appeal to all types of CSGO players from silver to global elite because we offer everything you could ever want!

I have a team, how can we join?

We always want to recruit new teams! We provide facilities for teams to come and join KG. You can partake in our weekly team tournaments. Use our several training servers to hone your skills on and use our scrim servers to play other times both inside and outside of KG. We will also offer you your own space on our teamspeak for you and your team!

Requirements to join:

1. Maturity
2. A Microphone.
3. Teamspeak.
4. Speak English.
5. Be 16 years or older.
If you meet this criteria, please visit our website today and fill out an application for our CSGO section! Want to know more?
CS:GO Moderators
If you need help

Our website:

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