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To create a professional gaming organization that puts our players first and gives them the support they need to unlock their full potential. We have the resources needed to support our players by flying them to offline events when they qualify, and continue to bring additional perks as we grow as an organization. Our first priority is bringing in the required staff to support our players, and create a profile that is desired by investors and sponsors. All investments and monetary gains we receive will be immediately reinvested back into our players, staff, and additional expansion.

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Founded by former professional Starcraft 2 player Matthew "kaRmy" Munholland, the Canadian based afterMath eSports is currently in the process of scouting and interviewing potential teams and players to fill out our rosters in various games across all platforms. Our goal is to give the proper support and resources needed for our players to prosper in their gaming careers, and the years that follow. Our motto "The afterMath we leave for having been here" is the goal to leave a lasting imprint on the record books for the things we accomplish.

As gamers ourselves with backgrounds ranging from either end of the spectrum from casual to hardcore, we strive to build a team that puts our players first. We want to ensure our players are given all the support and resources needed to reach their full potential and be given the opportunities to prove themselves. While all of our monetary support is currently privately backed, we are on the upswing side of the valley of death that most teams fail to get through. With all newly created organizations we too are currently facing the "chicken or the egg" situation - which comes first, the players or the money. Basically, Without funding it's hard to acquire talent, and without talent is hard to acquire money. That private funding mentioned earlier is on reserve to assist our teams to attend offline tournaments when the opportunity arises, as well as help our players / content creators continue their growth while we work to bring on sponsorships and investors.

Once the gravel starts rolling, it turns into a rock slide very quickly. Our continued expansions into various games will bring us additional exposure, that will bring us additional sponsorship, and will allow us to further the support of our team, and continue this process repeatedly. Though our organization doesn't currently have the capitol to initiate salaries for our players and staff, we are working tirelessly on a set path to ensure that day will come quickly. Joining us here at afterMath eSports is taking a chance on a long term opportunity for your growth, with the support staff to see it through on a professional level.

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