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zzJokerzzzz | N/A years old

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Grow as a person.
Grow with a team.
Always room to improve. You can be the best player but have something to work on.
I sometimes rewatch my streams just to see if I died,what I could have done differently. I don’t rage much,mainly because it doesn’t help me in any way.
I would Love to play for a team and grow with them!

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Hello everyone!

My name is Christian,aka zzjokerzzzz. I’ve played a variety of games,but recently the battle royale era has taken over. I played fortnite for the longest time. Tried out blackout,and now I play apex full time.

Apex legends is one of the best battle royale’s in my opinion. Fast pace,friendly re-spawn,good quality game.

I’m currently looking for an organization to represent! I haven’t been streaming for too long,but I’m up and coming and hungry. I grind and put in the work. Huge team player and always up for playing with friends or randoms!

I play on Xbox one and hope to keep upgrading my set up in the near future!


This player is no longer available

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