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Trey Jacobo | 20 years old
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I am motivated to be part of a team with good chemistry, teamwork, and communication. Always trying to better myself, refine my skills, and fine tune my game knowledge. Please read my description for a more detailed description of me and I may be contacted through my email: "" or my XLGT: "Kayeshima"

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Okay look, I am going to be honest with you, I've never been a part of an actual team who really took competition seriously. I joined this site out of the craving to play with team members who I can gel with and work as a team to win. I am willing to put in the hours, to team scrim, to go over games in theater mode, to handle any constructive criticism, to learn, memorize, and utilize all aspects and strategies for any map/game-type. I consider myself as a very methodical and aggressive sub player. However, I can also effectively use an AR when need be. I am a team player, and I will do what is needed for the win. I can fit it in to any role that is needed in the team. I am polite to my teammates and I will always try to motivate them even when the odds are not in our favor. Teamwork, communication, and chemistry are the most important aspects in a team for me personally. I do not tend to give up or rage when things are not going the way it should be. Due to lacking professional team experience, I have had to teach myself spawn knowledge, S&D strats, anchoring strats, by watching videos of pro players. Well, I hope you can give me a chance after reading this, and just know that I'm not some imbecilic kid just trying to pass the time with this, I will take this as seriously as my teammates do.

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