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Wanting to be in a CS team, have practice and games with, looking to be serious. As well as having the drive to win and have accomplishments. Dedicated to CS and wanting to go farther in it, not only by myself but if a team possible.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive

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My name is Ben. I am 16 years old and live in Chicago IL. Have been playing CS:GO for over a year now. I have around 1.2k hours played and over 4 months of ESEA played. I am pretty in-experienced with being in a team but think I can be a right fit in the right position. My main role I would have to say I succeed in is awping, lurking, or entry fragging(if needed). I am always open and have a pretty free schedule for practice and games. Mature for my age as well and very communicative. If you would like to contact me further for more questions you can add my steam in my links.
Thank you for viewing my resume and hope to be apart of a team very soon! Btw, Ignore my MM rank I do not play MM and haven't really played in months.