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I hope that I can help create a community much more than I am concerned with going pro, I want friends that are good together but also accept the lower level players so that we have a great time playing any game. Maybe such as a bteam or lower level type scenario for fill-ins. I currently own a voice server, so if your team is looking for one and I seem like a match, we'll be able to use it no problem :)

Counter Strike: Global Offensive

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Hello, I am a cs player of 3 years now. I started back in late 2013, I started out as the lowest of the low, I was a silver, and after a thousand hours have finally reached a rank I'm quite proud of to be in. I am currently Legendary Eagle Master and plan/hope to get to Global someday soon. I play daily(usually) but only in the evenings as I currently am working as a partner for a construction company as well as doing business management classes online. I usually have 2-3 hours a day solid to play, and on weekends I dedicate my time to gaming. I am also a graphic designer by hobby, and I love designing things, so I can design logos, youtube banners and more! :)

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  • Pheonix EStars

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  • (cod related) MW3 Tournament leader WA