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Mitsu Fukuzaki
23 years

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I wish to someday create a successful mmorpg server. There are a multitude of attempts floating out in the internet but hardly any seem to survive longer then a year or so. I learned through my failed attempts and slowly gaining new knowledge of how to create and manage Minecraft communities. I wish to meet and learn from other folks here that share the same joy I have toward this game!


I love Minecraft! I've been playing this game since it's late Indev updates. I see the potential in the game's sandbox mechanics and have been pursuing to create the next best thing in the community! I've gotten closer to the creative aspect of Minecraft, I haven't played survival mode for quite some time now. I love art and Minecraft allows me to paint on a new kind of canvas and I absolutely enjoy doing so!

“Online” experience

  • Retired Architect on "Greenfield - Life Size City Project"

  • Former member of NoxCrew Build Team

“Offline” experience

  • McEdit, Voxel Sniper, WorldEdit, World Painter

  • Server Administration

  • Server Techie & Maintenance

  • Texturepack Artist