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Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

Team I Suicide Squad I

United States | XBOX ONE
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Preferred Candidates will have the following:
K/D: 1.2 or higher
W/L: 1.0 or higher
Kills: 5,000+ (so that we know you play often)
Time Zone: No more than 3 hours behind Eastern Standard Time Zone
Age: 18+

Interested? Send a message to any of the following Clan Leaders and we'll gladly invite you next time we're online.

Commander: IamRyanMarshall (That's me)
LT Commander: King Gilchrist


I Suicide Squad I (FEAR) is actively competing in Clan Wars and is looking for active members who love to compete and win! We are a social clan first and foremost, we care more about call-outs and snarky banter than what your K/D is. With that said, a Mic is our only requirement.

We will continue to compete in clan wars for fun until BO3 comes out, but our main objective is to have a solid squad of active players by the time it's released.