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Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

Team Climatic Gaming

United States | XBOX ONE
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“Online” experience

  • At least three online tournament victories with the current roster.

“Offline” experience

  • Offline experience is not required but is preferred.


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Climatic Gaming is a multifaceted global eSports organization. Our mission is to bring together the best and most prospective teams in eSports under a single banner in which players, staff and management can grow together and as a unit strive for excellence. We are sponsored by various high level companies and are looking to expand to the Call of Duty scene by acquiring a team of capable PROFESSIONALS whom can participate in tournaments and LANs.


As an esteemed eSports organization, our ambitions with bringing on a COD team are that they maintain quality chemistry and participate at the highest level of play possible, ready and able to participate in online tournaments and attend LANs when the time comes. It is possible that players eventually be compensated for entry and travel fees once a record of excellence is proven.