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Call of Duty: Cold War | MULTIPLATFORM | United States

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What We Offer:
- Promote Your Server & Socials
- Competitive Team
- Friendly Vibrant Community
- Sponsorships!
- Contracts for Comp players and content creator!

What We are Looking For:
- Players From All Skill Levels
- Coaches
- Staff & Management
- Content Creators & Streamers
- All Platforms & Inputs
- Competitive Players
- Content Creators
- Video Editors (VFX)

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300 Horizon a multi-platform gaming organization, we hope to create a community where those who want can game, thrive, and sustain in peace. Our goal is to create a community that can prosper in many games while forming new bonds amongst each other. Please contact Co-owners or management for further concerns and questions about the rules, our server, and especially our recruitment details for content creators, competitive placements/opportunities, and just being apart of the team!


  • Must apply through our website
  • Competitive Player Requirements: - K/D Exceeds 1.0 - Discord Required - Must Be Active - Able To Stream - Age 18+ - Approved By Management - Contract Included (MUST BE SIGNED)
  • Content Creation: - Path to affiliate acquired - Stream quality 720p+ - Age 18+ - Approved by management
  • Casual Requirement: - Must be an active player - Be respectful in the community you're in - Approved by management


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