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To start off, I'd like to say that this team is highly competitive. We would like to include 3-4 practices a week, with scrims scattered periodically throughout. We are competing in leagues such as ESEA Open and LI'TE. Hopefully our team will grow and we will climb through the ranks and participate in more tournaments! If you would like to tryout for our team please meet the following requirements.

You should be:

- Mature
- At least 15 years old
- Live in the US
- Be active (Be on 3-4 hours at least during week)
- Have at least 1000 hours of experience
- Be Competitive (willing to commit to improvement)
- Have TeamSpeak 3 (we have our own server!)

Add me on steam and I will ask you some questions containing the following information.

1. Timezone
2. CS:GO Role(s)
3. Hours Played
4. Why you want to join (Optional, but recommended)
5. Stuff about you.

Go ahead and add me (Toomy) or join our teamspeak ( and I can interview you there. If I am not available add me on steam. I'll be accepting friend requests. Once you add me I’ll ask you a couple questions to get more knowledge about you so we can try you out.