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As a team we want to;
- create the tightest team relationship,
- compete at a high level starting from semi-professional,
- take part in online and LAN tournaments (starting with online tournaments)

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A warm welcome from the Polarity Esports Team.

If you’ve come across our Seek-Team page, then we can only assume you’re interested in looking for an Esports community and/or Team to be a part of.

We’re currently creating our first Valorant Esports team to jump straight into practice, scrims and tournaments. It’s important to know that we don’t see ourselves as a pro team but as a semi-professional team. We’d expect players to apply with the full intent of applying for a part-time job.

The discord is not just open to Esports Players but supporters too. You will be updated on all team’s progression and as well as that the Valorant news/updates! We would also like to soon provide Hub/Assets for content creators!

If you truly believe you can play Valorant at a high level then please get in contact, you will be directed to the discord with more information about requirements there.

If you feel you’d like to support our on-going journey from the ground up, then please feel free to get in contact to join our Discord.

We hope to hear from you soon! All the best and stay safe.


  • Be available for at least 4 days a week
  • Play/Train/Learn for at least 3 hours in at least 4 days per week
  • Able to Speak English fluently
  • High Level skill in FPS (Pref CSGO)
  • Coach-able
  • Not a toxic player
  • Have team experience - this includes; Team play, strategies and good communication


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