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Originally formed from a Mechwarrior Online unit known as the Steel Dragoons, the Task Force Coalition has deep roots in militaristic play styles, several types of both online and offline video games, and a history of understanding that life and work come before play. We try to keep all of our members above the age of 21 so that we can keep a mature and fun environment for all of our members. Most members that stick around tend to mesh with the team quite well and enjoy their time with us, often crossing over into the other games we play. We don't tolerate abuse or discrimination against any of our members and therefore are able to maintain a peaceful atmosphere (mostly, I mean we are playing "violent" video games).
After about a year we have grown our group to 60+ members (as of 8/29/2018) in Discord plus a good group who do not use Discord. We have acquired, steadily used and maintained, our own TeamSpeak 3 server, and are now (as of 9/1/2018) set up to diversify into more games. Now we have members in War Thunder, APB: Reloaded, Holdfast, PUBG, Destiny 2, and still have our Mechwarrior Online unit the Steel Dragoons. We hope to build an incredible community and make it so that at any time we can log on and play any of our games with a solid team. We hope you join us on our journey.

Region: NA
Members: 60+ members on Discord!
Play times: TBA
Discord: ****
Looking for: 21 years or older, gets along with team, willingness to learn/co-op with team.
Plays: Arcade, Realistic, One day possibly working towards **** Type: Casual
Tactics: Yes
Battle Comms: Yes
Attendance Needed: People work, we work with that.

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