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Russell | 28 years old
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Looking to take the gaming community by storm and play in the biggest tournaments around the world!

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Infectious Gaming is a clan that was previously on the rise back in December of 2012, and decided to part ways. Now we are coming back and stronger than ever. With a bunch of great CoD players ready to participate and be competitive in Clan Ops as well as having fun, we look to take the CoD community by storm. We have great work ethic, and are very fun to play with.

Currently lnxG is looking to recruit people that exemplify what it means to be competitive, but are able to be laid back as well as a friendly. As the leader and Founder of this clan, I would like to recruit help such as Officers to help run operations, Recruiters to help bring in the top "clanless" players around, and Media Specialist to help create Videos, Graphics and anything to help create the image for lnxG that I feel can be a big part of the gaming community.

With the HUGE addition of a sponsorship from Kwikboy Modz, and just recently being approved by Central Outpost to be a official clan, this is a great time to become a member of lnxG! Do not miss your chance to be apart of something very special!

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